Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mrs D Ponders Crime in Cairo: Parker Bilal & "Dogstar Rising"

As I can tell you for a fact... Mrs D does all of her travelling in her armchair... courtesy of books, film, music, ... and the internet.

She do sit down... reach for that glass of red and see where she do go next.

She is very pleased to have read the second crime book by British Sudanese writer, Jamal Mahjoub who writes under the nom-de-crime of Parker Bilal. He sets his books in Cairo with Sudanese refugee private-eye Makana investigating. She do like Makana, an outsider with a dry wit  and a painful past .... she do like his run-down houseboat and in general she do like Bilal's books. She looks forward to more.

Here's the Euro Crime Post that links to the latest batch of reviews including Bilal's "Dogstar Rising"... You might find some more crime fiction you would like to catch ... Mrs D would like to get her hands on "Pierced"  by Thomas Enger  for a start.....

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