Friday, 7 June 2013

Animated Discussions: A Softer Touch - "Ernest & Celestine"

Sometimes I like to watch animation of a softer kind. And so it is with hand-drawn "Ernest & Celestine".... a French/Belgian production from the same animation team as the hysterical stop-motion gem "A Town Called Panic". (See my Post about "..Panic..")

"Ernest & Celestine" is based on a Belgian children's book series about a bear (Ernest) and a mouse (Celestine). Never the twain should meet and co-exist but they do... and in this film they fight to stay together despite the horror of their respective communities.

So?  I do like a bit of heart-warming some time.... eh-hem... so what's embarrassing about that?

The screenplay and dialogue is by Daniel Pennac.
Pennac is a French writer that I do already like for his series of off-beat crime thrillers set in the Belleville district of Paris - The Malaussene Saga - which includes (in English translation)... The Scapegoat, The Fairy Gunmother and Write to Kill.
I see there is another book translation available - "Monsieur Malausenne". I'm off to find if I can get hold of that still... tout suite.

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