Thursday, 27 February 2014

Books.... Books... And That Library Thing

Truth to tell... what with the weather... and The Old Man's Mysterious Hand... I do get a bit blue recently. I know there's other people far worse off than me, what with floods and sinkholes and bits of coast dropping off and bedroom tax and all. But... I have been a bit stir-crazy and gloomy. may not know it, but I am my mother's daughter. And from early childhood I get marched off to the public library with Mum while she do get her books to borrow. And I join as well and do get books too. I read all I can and plainly remember reading the telephone directory one afternoon, so desperate was I. (I be that kind of girl.)
NOTE: Sorry for the use of outdated terms such as "telephone directory" and "public library". If you don't know about such historical concepts... you can try looking them up on Wikipedia.

So.... reading is what I do at the moment and even feel the urge to read something outside my usual diet of crime fiction.... Anyway... by way of virtual socialising I do join a site called Library Thing where you can do such geeky things as add your books to your "library", review them, look for similar stuff, other books by same author - and so on. But you can also join groups for exchanging views. I've joined a few now. The first was a "Crime, Thriller & Mystery" group (naturally). And the second was "Reading Globally". In fact I have set myself a global crime fiction challenge on this last ... aiming to read around as much of the world as I can in 2014. Come and visit me and check out my virtual criminal tour here.
What? I said I felt "the urge to read something outside my usual diet of crime fiction"?
Yes I did, didn't I. Well I just joined a group called "Reading Through Time".
It looks as though I just gotta keep moving whatever I read.

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