Saturday, 1 March 2014

In The Dark Again or How To Make Toast Without A Toaster Or a Grill

Yesterday the power did go again. About 8.30. Left our neighbour standing in the dark in her powerless shower... all nicely covered in soap...
The Old Man have got wise to that trick and did not trust the power supply for some reason. (Well the wind doth blow mightily again.) And so did not step into the shower until he could see what's what. Which was Poof! Powercut. Of course we do have that traditional stove top kettle what we bought last time the power went. So we do manage our washing and breakfast.
Now I am a toast addict. But we use an electric toaster or the electric grill. What to do? The Old Man suggests a kind of dry frying on a pan. So I do get the pan out... put it on the gas ring and do press down a slice of bread onto its surface... turn the slice over... and it do kind of work.
We have tea and we have toast. What more do you want?... Hey don't open the fridge... you'll let the cold out!

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