Friday, 14 March 2014

A Night At The Opera: Paul Bunyan

I am happy to tell you that the evening spent with the English Touring Opera's production of Britten and Auden's "Paul Bunyan" was very enjoyable. The opera itself is light, accessible and enjoyable. The performances are good and wholehearted.... and the production design.... with the challenge of being on a small "touring" scale... is ingenious.
I find I am still singing bits to meself several days later....

The only blow was to find the theatre half empty. (What no student groups from Truro College, or the Dartington contingent at Tremough? Not to mention any local school specialising in the arts? Shame.)

And then the audience what be there... us included... do seem to manage an average age of 70. An awful lot of sticks, frames and slow processing. And there be a splendid gentleman who re-enters in the nick of time for curtain-up, loudly and clearly regaling us with the news that he has "found his glasses". Then - when he eventually arrives at his seat - he proceeds to thank us all as he settles in. Even the conductor.... arms outstretched in the pit... do manage a smile.
But....Blimey... I do feel old.

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