Monday, 2 February 2015

Considering Tattoo Designs For An Older Person

Sometimes I do. That is.... I do idly wonder if I would have a tattoo. Where? What? After all, this elderly skin do not exactly have a life time to blur and fade.
Something and somewhere tasteful of course... leaving aside things cosmetic such as eyebrows, probably soon necessary as what of mine still exist be scattered, pale and vague.
So... words of wisdom for myself... or others? A tasteful and discrete design?

The other day we do find out that The Old Man's Old Man is spotted on the floor by the man who comes to deliver his meals on wheels. This kind man do take a lot of trouble alerting ambulance, letting us know... trying to find the key and so on. All is reasonably well. The Old Man's Old Man had fallen over and couldn't get up again but is now in hospital being sorted as he be rather confused and so on.
But this set us talking... What to do if.... Where does he keep.... Who knows where the.... and so on.... For The Old Man's Old Man do live quite some considerable distance.

Well that's me decided then. Tattoos, I mean.
On me chest.. "Do Not Resuscitate" and on me back.. "Desk drawer, top left hand ."

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