Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spring Day Out: Charlestown

Oh yes. A beautiful spring day at last and we do drive out to mid-Cornwall to visit a dear niece at her friendly place of work.... and to buy a few plants... hellebore... celandine... wallflower. Shoo the bees off cos I do want the plants for myself. Then we wave goodbye as she gives us the directions to find Charlestown.
Now this is a place near St. Austell that The Old Man has wanted to visit for some time. And one you may catch a glimpse of in the current TV series of "Poldark".
Once a fishing village, it was developed for the export of copper... and later found its trade with china clay... now it does a good line in film work! Privately owned, sailing ships and all... it is a picturesque place... slightly decrepit... and beautiful on a spring day as you can see.

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