Saturday, 28 March 2015

Trying For A Night Out.... The Rise And Fall of The City Of Mahagonny..... At The Cinema

Well... Not tonight, you understand. That would be too much.... For us to go out on a Saturday night.

But our "Scottish friends" (do sound like that play... The Scottish Play... don't it) say that they have swanned off to the opera via their local cinema and it was an all right thing. So we are trying it too and I've got tickets for a live broadcast of Weill and Brecht's "The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny" at one of our local cinemas. If this works... we may be on the town all the time!

A love of Kurt Weill music be one of our early bonds... The Old Man and me. I made an impression on The Old Man, decades ago, with a quick Surabaya Johnny in the foyer of a concert hall....but I'm too old for that kind of thing these days. And of course we have seen "Mahagonny" before. And we did listen to the Covent Garden production recently on the radio. But this will be a chance to see the production. I am quite excited. Possibly over-excited. We do now have a quiet life, you know.

PS. The Old Man  Speaks.
This morning I be a bit grumpy over breakfast while The Old Man do chunter on. Finally  I sigh and do say: "Oh...barble barble barble... that's all you do!"
Indignantly he do say: "I have been quiet all night!"

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