Monday, 5 April 2010

Going on a printmaking course

Going on a 2 day printmaking course tomorrow. So I spent part of the day preparing and looking through drawing books ( which are more like collage books) to see what images felt good to work with. Then redrawing them on tracing paper (so that I can reverse them), because I am a big fat cheat.

Prior to that I trawled through my linocuts, etc and hard-heartedly threw stuff away. I need to cut back on the quantity of prints.

Some people say to keep things that haven't worked, because you can still colour or collage with them. But I realise this does me no good at the moment as I cannot see the wood for the trees.

It helped when I decided to be strict about print quality rather than the images themselves. Because you never can tell when it comes to the images. It is easy to go all rejecting about an image. But you just never know.
If I put things away for long enough (years in my case), they can strike me fresh and look really OK when I unearth them. (Like a dog with a bone.) On the other hand, I can be really disappointed with things I got very excited about at the time. You know that feeling don't you, girls? The course of true love never ran smooth.

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