Sunday, 23 May 2010

Rural life: Truro and the Search for a Case

It's just a couple of weeks to go to the Old Man's hospital stay. (see my earlier post) and a preparatory letter came with a list of required items including 3 pairs of pyjamas.

I say: "Have you got 3 pairs of pyjamas?"
He say: "No."
I say: "What have you got?"
He say: "2 pairs of bottoms, 1 pair long shorts things. And T-shirts."
I say: Well that's alright then."
He say: "No, it's not. They say THREE pairs of pyjamas. I need pyjamas."
I roll my eyes.
"...And I need a hold-all to put them in. And a wash-bag... And a book.... (House stuffed to the roof with books.) "... Not a book I will miss if I lose it. And the print not too small..."

Did I mention that the Old Man is like the Princess in "The Princess and the Pea"? That's a Fairy tale? Boils down to some blue-blood bird and how they know that she's really a Princess cos they put a Pea under her mattress and she can't sleep for the discomfort of it. So they put another mattress on top of the first one ... but she still feels the pea ... and so on and so on for about 20 mattresses ... and she could still feel that pea. Anyway, that meant she was a Real Princess or something.
And the Old Man always feels the Pea.

And now he's scratching his head at the cost of going into hospital.
"Three quid a day for phone and TV!"
Stuff the phone and the TV.
That's howcome the book - with the "not too small" print.

Anyhow. We decide a visit to Truro is in order - and the wonders of TK Maxx. Though when we get there, pyjamas are definitely not about. But eventually he gets a small case to put things in, and a wash-bag, and an orange linen jacket... Say what? OK. An orange linen jacket. And it was a bargain and he do like a jacket. ... And a book with not too small print.

And I'm exhausted again.

And Oh Yeah.... 2 days later the hospital rang and changed the date again. You would not believe the emails that have been flying around lining up friends to stay and keep company when he gets out.

And now they've changed the date again.

Now it's even sooner than a couple of weeks.

Ooo-ooh S..t!

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