Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Old Man Update

OK. OK. So you want to know how the Old Man is doin these days.

Gap tooth smile? Fixed. Dentist glued the tooth in.

Fairy tale feet? Back to normal size. But in truth the diuretic drugs may be over efficient. The Old Man is beginning to resemble a prune.
He is a walkin case of body dandruff.
Don't think he should be dried out on this scale much more.
He could audition for a part in "The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb".

Warfarin? Settlin down a bit. This week that is.

Cardiac nurse? Never seen again.

Eyesight? New glasses. Optician says may not have been the drug that changed the sight. Could be the fluid retention and the effect of a major op itself. In fact Old Man's eyes a picture of health except for a smidgin of cataract in one. And eyesight moving back to what it was.

Should be seeing his cardiologist next week.

That will be interesting.

Or not.

Should be seeing the surgeon in September. That could be aerated. Or not.

There you are.

Still not able to walk as far as he would like before the energy runs out. Certainly not the 2 mile walk he could do before the operation. I think he gets a bit anxious about that.

As - probably- so do I.

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