Friday, 14 January 2011

Travels with my Film-Life: Still in Japan

Mmmn... we's still here. This time it's 1959 and we are visiting the tight world of a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Tokyo - with all that implies.

It's Yasujiro Ozu's "Good Morning". And I think it's very funny. I love the photography in this one. And sometimes the music reminds me of an Italian film of this period.

The plot very much revolves around two young boys' desire for television; whilst the film itself observes the manners and formalities of neighbourly life - as in the greeting of the title. For one character - polite small talk is the oil that smooths the running of daily life. Certainly, for others, its absence ... causes gossip and suspicion. The film is a delight.

I can't point you to a very good clip with English translation. But try this one here for a flavour of the film.

And if you would like to check my post about Ozu's "Late Spring" - click here.

"Good-bye" or should I say - "Sore dewa".

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