Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A February Walk: Birds Do Fly

Today the wind do blow and rain do spatter. I do wake up in the night to hear something skitter down the roof above. I do think.... "Ooh dear. Is that a roof tile?" But this morning there is nothing to be seen. The Old Man wonders if it be a small piece of tree or bush.

The other day we do take a wet, windy walk down from our village towards Hendra near Praa Sands. Never walked that way before. Big bare fields with the remnants of cauliflower ("broccoli" in Cornwall) and cut maize stalks. Water run-off like a small stream at the side of the single lane road.

Coming back, about 3.30 in the afternoon, we do stop to look at the flocks of birds flying in the sky. Big groups in formation. I be very pleased to spot the blunt ended wings and floppy flight of Lapwing. I love these birds and have not seen much of them in recent years. Then I do realise that there is another large flock of birds, flying higher above the lapwings. These are smaller and sharper. The two groups interweave like some kind of winter "tweed" of birds and sky. Later... The Old Man reminds me that Golden Plover do mix with Lapwing and they are said to fly higher. Perhaps that's it.Anyway it be beautiful to watch and I be happy to see such a large group of the birds.

Looking around the web I do find this recent article in The Guardian about the flocks rising.

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