Monday, 4 February 2013

The Parting Of The Recordings

So us euro-telly watchers in the UK who do favour BBC4 on a Saturday night... wave bye-bye for now (we hope it's just for now) to "Borgen" and all that Danish drama and politicking.

The Old Man do watch this alongside me.. in real-time broadcasting... but do occasionally get confused and asks me when is "the crime" coming in. I do remind him that this be a series about politics not crime... though......come to think of it....

Good news for me is that the slot will be filled by the new series of the French Flic crime buster "Spiral"... what I do like and what The Old Man do not. Too violent he do say. So I will not be able to partake in real-time broadcasting.. but will have to insist that it be recorded for me to catch up with.

I can see that The Old Man is getting tetchy with "Ripper Street" as well... what I do thoroughly enjoy despite some slightly sniffy press. That may end up being recorded and all.

Then there's the return of "Being Human".... vampires, werewolves and ghosts... not The Old Man's kinda thing at all....

But then.... he be on his own when we get those documentaries about "early steam power" or "Hitler" so...

to each his own.... and praise be for recording technology. (No. I don't have an iPhone.)

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