Monday, 18 March 2013

The Old Man's Lost Moments: The Secret Life Of Tweezers

The Old Man be sowing his chilli seeds. And being a Virgo perfectionist (on occasion) he do like to sow each individual seed into the tray with the aid of tweezers.

"I wish I knew what have happened to my tweezers.... I do have three pairs in London... and now I can't find any...." He do look accusing as usual and I do feel a twinge of my perpetual guilt....

"I've got a pair you can borrow." I do say.
And do duly fetch and hand over my tweezers. Some time later I do see him trot past with his seed tray to put on the propagator. "Have you finished with my tweezers?" I do ask.

But... dear children... do we find those borrowed tweezers? No, dear children... we do not.

Somewhere... in a secret world of The Old Man's making... pairs of tweezers do indulge their private whims and hidden passions.

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