Friday, 15 March 2013

Madam Deficit Considers The Plight Of The Poor

Alors! This government is surely not so harsh as accused?

They know that times are hard for the poor and they are continuing to assure that the poor do not overstretch their allotted space with a spare bedroom. (see my November 2012 post).... Although I have to say that I do not remember them being quite so exercised on injustices meted out to those renting in the private sector before... Maintenant they do quote disparities quite often .... But un moment ... Surely Housing Benefit is paid to people renting in the private sector? Alors! What do I miss? Qu'est-ce que j'ai raté?

Any hoo... just as I myself did advise the poor, unable to afford bread,  to resolve their problem by eating cake....

So I am gratified that this government shares my view and has dropped the notion of minimum priced alcohol. It is good to know that the poor can accompany their cake with wine... perhaps a nice glass of "Buckie".

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