Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sun Out At Marazion Marshes

So yesterday we do go for a walk in the bird reserve. The bit you can walk in is quite small and can be very muddy, if not underwater, these days. Even after a week or so without rain there is still mud.....

Quite a few watchers and photographers with big scopes and lenses. Don't know what they are after.

Again I  think I do hear a quick burst from a Cetti's warbler. But maybe I be wrong. Whatever sang... it has a rich exotic little song.

Geese, ducks, swans, moorhens, little egret, a kestrel flying through and all the other little birds we are familiar with. A heron flying in to stalk around and see what it can see. RSPB have been angry with local naval air station. Say their low flying have caused about five pairs of nesting herons to abandon ship... or nests. Marazion has UK's only ground-nesting herons. Naval station say "Not us, guv." But RSPB still grumbling.

Don't know if the bittern is still in there.

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