Monday, 13 May 2013

Madame Deficit Considers ... A Man For Our Times

Bonjour, mes enfants! C'est moi .... keeping a finger on the pulse of your nation.

I observe that many of you have expressed your wish to be represented by UKIP in your recent local elections. By the way.... quelle jolie couleurs that UKIP logo, yes? Yellow and purple... yum. And that big "£" sign in the middle..... Myself I do sometimes mistake it for a sign advertising Poundland... Perhaps it is.

Quand même, I be impressed with the English path to political success via the media. I do myself most certainly know the power of Bad Press and do speak as a foreign immigrant who quite lost her head as a result of it. (Check my sad history if you do not know to what I do refer.)

But I am glad to see that not being a democratically elected Member of Your Parliament (as well indeed as being leader of a Party which have ANY elected Members of Parliament) is a bar to being asked for one's views on government policies by all the media - as that excellent UKIP leader Mr Farridge do demonstrate. (Il n'y a pas une telle chose comme la mauvaise publicité. Oui?)

A truly democratic way of gaining power and a skill to admire. Certainly he do receive the seal of approval of one Tory MP, Monsieur Jacob Rees-Mogg who do consider that most Conservatives would prefer Mr Fararge to replace the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister. Miracle des miracles. What skill that Faridge man have. Whoosh. Magic wand... Deputy Prime Minister. No need for a national ballot box whatsoever. By the way I believe you do have an elected Green Member of Parliament. But she (Yes... SHE..) be not asked much about anything recently. Quelle dommage and windfarms.  I also understand that UKIP have no representative in your elected House of Commons, but they do have several party members in your House of Lords (largely through Lordies changing their minds about which party they belong to).

I admit to being fascinated by this Party's logic in standing for election to a Parliament whose existence they do not agree with.... by this I mean the Horned One in Brussels... the European Parliament. If they get their way and you do leave Europe.... alors, all those poor UKIP MEPs will lose their jobs! Perhaps they will be only too glad to sacrifice their salaries and expenses.... throwing it all back in the faces of those dreadful bureaucrats as they depart Brussels en masse. A triumph for the logic of politics.

Mais.... la politique est le langage de l'émotion, n'est-ce pas?
Bye for now, mes enfants. I have sheep and goats to sort and bad cheese to make.

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