Saturday, 11 May 2013

Surely There Is More To Life Than Making My Own Cheese?

Well is there?
It may be that viewing "Amour" (see Previous Post) be not a good idea, but it be a very moving film. And in this mood of contemplating my mortal future, I do wake up from a dream....
....... in which I do look out over the garden which is in a golden sunsetty light. And someone who is supposed to be The Old Man, but who is much, much younger... and rather good-looking now I come to recall.... tends the trees at the bottom of the slope. I do think of it as my old home in London though it definitely be my current garden... And I do wake up saying to myself... "I want to stay here."

What's that all about?
Mind you... the looks of the Dream-Life Old Man now I remember them... may account for at least one interpretation of my dream.... which in all honesty I thought be my-Self telling me that I want to end my days in this here house in this here locality.... (given the "Amour" thing and old age looming.... et-ceter-ra, et-ceter-ra...)

Anyway I do sigh and get on with real life and do make some cheese on the Paneer principle and flavour it with chives and pepper... and it don't taste of much, however kind I am to my own endeavours.... (and yes I know I should cook it in Indian dish but can't be bothered).... and we do eat it .... and The Real Life Old Man do manage to eat his hat strap at the same time.

Fleeting is the stuff of dreams.

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