Monday, 6 January 2014

The Old Man Vetoes Woody Allen Consumption

So I... I guess I'll have to call a halt to watching Woody Allen movies for a while. I mean....we watched "Manhattan" and The Old Man thinks it is the "best" Woody Allen of our season and he is very impressed with its Gershwin-only soundtrack. And OK... I did think it has more meat on its bones than some of the others we watched. In fact I would have liked to have shown you a trailer but.... everything in the trailer is so dark.....  like life.

But we watched Midnight in Paris which Owen Williams well he plays Woody Allen ..who else? His character is a Hollywood scriptwriter engaged into the kind of family where the poisonous parents-in-law-to-be shower him with daily contempt.... He falls in love with a magical 1920s Paris.... and things get.... otherworldly.

Let me see... we also watched "Hannah and Her Sisters"... "Shadows and Fog".... "Radio Days"...."Annie Hall" "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex" and finished with "Manhattan".
I have to admit that Mia Farrow gets on my nerves after a while... Diane Keaton I prefer. I lerve Dianne Wiest. Both The Old Man and me were taken aback revisiting Michael Caine in "Hannah...". He do get an Oscar for it. I don't think so really when you see it again...
But like I say... The Old Man has had enough... so to speak...  Me? Well there are an awful lot of Woody Allen films out there... and I still want to watch more.

Meanwhile I am hoping to forget all about my existential angst and possible deathly illnesses by watching some thing else..... Like a "Popeye" retrospective... tell you more about that some other time.

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