Monday, 23 June 2014

A Child Digs In The Garden...

...what do they find?
As a result of a breakfast talk between me and The Old Man... I do think of all the gardens of me childhood and what I do find buried there.

First garden... well I be too young to have unearthed stuff there... spending most of me time in me pram and toddling about. I may have found worms. I may have tried eating them. This may be family gossip.
Second garden. Newly built house on a resulting field of clay. Absolutely... clay. So I dug up clay and made little pots.
Third garden... a flat near the station... no garden to dig in as such... fascinated by the red-bodied harvestmen (daddy long-legs) that lived under the gate-pillar cap.
Fourth garden... (we traveled about a lot)... bright cut glass "beads" about the size of pound coin... clear and colours ... I remember blue... Someone said there used to be a glass factory on that site... and I guess these were for chandeliers.
Fifth garden. Yes, fifth.... A heart-shaped sea urchin fossil.
Sixth garden.... Too old for digging having transformed into a moody adolescent....

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