Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Me And The Slow Worm

I be busy this morning... sanding filler, hoovering and such and do look into the utility porch in passing to find myself staring at the front half of a slow worm  poking in under the back door.
What you doing?... thinks I, You stuck?
I bend over and give it a gentle poke... and it do appear to be alive. But my dilemma is how to open the door fully to let the creature go, if it is stuck that is, or... change its mind about coming indoors if that's what it fancies doin'.

I tell you it was a nerve-racking and tricky manoeuvre to open that door without squishing the animal further. I could feel its body's resistance and was worried I be damaging its skin if nothing else. It tried to turn around the way it came but that didn't seem to work.

Eventually, together, we did manage it, and it did scent around, flicking its forked tongue, and did wiggle off into the undergrowth. It's tail had been in a crack in the concrete next to the door. I bet it be searching out ants and do decide to investigate our utility room for more.. (quite likely to be some)..
Bet it thought "Phew" too.

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