Sunday, 18 January 2015

Viewing "Spiral": The Old Man Dismayed

My enjoyment of Saturday Night crime thriller watching is back ....along with the excellent fifth season of the venerable French "cops and crims" flick Spiral, currently being shown on BBC Four. I am a great fan.

The Old Man, however, is unsure.
In the past he has refused on the grounds of the violence and graphic body damage. It had to be recorded - for me to watch at "another time". But he is bravely managing to watch this series, albeit remaining somewhat shocked. This time, by the (well-understood by "Spiral" fans) corruption, bribery, enticement, and general dobbing-in ..... on the part of the cops and lawyers... before we even get to the criminals themselves. (Not for nothing is the French title - "Engrenages" meaning "gears" .... otherwise translated by the English phrase... "wheels within wheels".)
But this shock has left The Old Man seated in front of the telly reverting more and more to Bunteresque phrases as the action and plot progresses:

"That's not very nice, is it."
"Are lawyers supposed to do that? I don't like him."
"Oh, I say. That's not fair. Do you mean the police lied?"
"Ouch. Gosh. Yaroo... what a rotter."

OK. I exaggerate. But the poor man have not watched a dirty cop show for a very long time.... and it shows.

PS. Have you noticed the French version of junk-food eating in this series? The fraught and nervy cop, Laure Berthaud, crams food at her desk or in the car ....of course... she be a cop. But I swear it was a croque-monsieur I saw disappear into her jaws.... then a bit later an engaging slice of flan.... not to mention the lawyers treating themselves to morsels of delicious looking small cakes. Aaah.....Vive La Malbouffe Francais.

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