Friday, 13 April 2012

Graphic Passions: Jason's "Left Bank Gang"

I been having a good time reading Jason's graphic novel "The Left Bank Gang" which won an Eisner award in 2007.

You may remember that I've mentioned Norwegian artist Jason's work before when I did post about his zombie tale "The Living and the Dead".

"Left Bank Gang" is hilarious if you're a culture snoot like what I am.
Imagine the literary figures of Left Bank Paris of the 1920s... transformed into trademark Jason "dogs n' crows". Not only that. They have become comics artists trading problems of panels and brush style... and they're fed up with being poor.

I certainly do snigger at the conversations... such as Hemingway explaining that he can't stop because Gertrude Stein is "having him for dinner". Stein was famously fierce in her criticisms of her fellow writers' work. I'm sure she was capable of making a meal out of Hemingway.

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