Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Crying of Seagulls

All birds is courting, all birds is nesting... and that includes seagulls.

The search for new homes and nesting sites has driven the gulls further up the hill to our Row. Much clattering about on rooves and chimneys; much standing in pairs on chimney pots. Much noise making.

It's a sunny afternoon in the garden. Listening to the gulls drives The Old Man crazy. He does not want them settling on our roof. And I'm not surprised. So he rushes up to the house and ... growls like a dog. This is a common warding off sound from The Old Man. It doesn't bother the seagulls. But it does trigger a chorus from our neighbours' pointers, dobermans, jack russells, and various.

I am my mother's daughter and I rush up the garden purposefully, yelling "Oi!" This dislodges them for a while. They come back in a bit, and I have to "Oi!" again. And so on.

By now several would-be gull couples are trying their luck all along the rooves of the Row... and their mingled cries to each other run the gamut of babykins-feed-me, Maori war chant, and various oddly erotic choruses.

All in all, a noisy spring afternoon in the garden.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Animated Discussions: Waltz with Bashir

A while ago I posted about animations based on real life stuff. I labelled the Post "Tough Stuff" and you can reread it by clicking here.

This is just to say that More 4 are showing the film "Waltz with Bashir" as part of their "True Stories" series on Tuesday 29 March at 10 pm.

If you click the above link to get a plot outline, don't be fooled by their "Episode 1" mention in the page text. As far as I can see this is not being shown as a serial. It's the entire film in one showing. And you won't be able to view it later through their "on demand" service so....

If you haven't already seen it/own the DVD... Now's your chance. Give it a go.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Excuses for Not Posting Much

I mean to write more often recently, but the truth is that I overdid the Spring Garden Attack ten days or so ago. Being an Old Bird, I am laid low - or upright- there's not much in between - with a Bad Back.

I cannot sit as usual for stupefied hours in front of my laptop - as I so love to do.

Then too... with the current world events... Japan... Libya...

But now it is Spring.
Last Sunday, walking along Long Rock beach as I do, cos you gotta get that back mobile again... move em on... get em out...
Anyway, walking along the beach - I see a swallow.
Or two. The Old Man insists on two.

Swallows already here and my potatoes aren't in the ground yet!
Cos when youse got a Bad Back, both the potatoes and the ground look a lo-o-o-ng way down.

Happy Spring.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Blog Happiness

So yesterday I wish my blog a Happy First Birthday. And today I think I'll expand on my Blog thoughts.

Cos I's proud that I's still blogging. I been able to sit down and write about what matters to me. I started with an entry about Charlie Gillett, a beacon of music, and world music in particular, - who died around this time last year. (Click here for that first entry) From there I been able to share my oh so valuable thoughts on music, cartoons, nature stuff, and in general vent my spleen at various bits of rubbish.

The other day I was listening to BBC World Service, as I do, and in particular to "Americana".... which ended with an interview with one of my favourite American crime writers, James Lee Burke. Mr Burke must be in his mid-70s now and at the end of the interview he explained that you get "more irritable and upset" when you're older because you know you've ...

"...already seen the film and .... understand it, but ... can't pass on the message."

I know what he means.

Anyhoo. I have enjoyed seeing what I care enough about to post. In this way I hope to refine the message in this "film that I 've already seen". I've enjoyed sharing my musical tastes via (over there in the right hand column). And my books via Library Thing.

Frankly this blog saw me through The Old Man's dramatic health events of last summer. (Check out some of the posts under the tag: "Heart Surgery" if you want to get the flavour.) Both with the discipline of posting the entries, and the sharing with friends and family in one fell swoop. Let me thank those friends and family once more for all their help.

And the blog also sees Mrs Doonuthin being stirred into life. Peering through the fumes of the latest bottle of red - she cranks into action and starts up doing some animation herself. She even joins Vimeo - and starts her own blog.

So all in all - blogging is good. Hope some of you enjoy reading it. Here's to The Little Grey Doll and all who sail with her.

But tell me, where have your comments gone? Hey... Speak to me.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Feeling Gloomy

... and probably angry, and disillusioned.

I would write about my usual moans and groans, my migraines and bad back, the state of The Old Man, and my increasing incredulity over Bland Face and his Cronies in Government.

Their plan to put tobacco products under the counter in white packets ...but continued ability to do Sweet Fanny Adams about Supermarkets selling booze at rock bottom prices.... Their view that Privatisation is equivalent to instant Efficiency.... Their Beatification of Market Forces....
Their friends in Big Business.

But I am glued to BBC World Service and news from Japan (too huge to comprehend) and worst of all..... Libya (heartbreaking... an impotent bystander, me).

Time-wasting words are issued over Libya on behalf of the Powers of Democracy.

And Saif Gaddafi is quite right of course....
When it is all over we will be queuing at Gaddafi's door, petrol can in hand.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Old Man and his Mush: 3 - The Miracle Ointment

Some of you have noted that The Old Man is having a bit of a medical contretemps with his face now...

Yes. I know that's why you all follow this Blog really.... for news of the sayings and doings of The Old Man!

So, OK. To be clear. He has a pre-cancerous patch of skin on his cheek. Oh don't worry, it'll come to us all: global warming, old age, sun damage. And in his case - too many illnesses and their rather savage treatments flowing under the bridge. His body is becoming a travelogue; a map of skirmishes with disease; a landscape of scars and victory flags.

He had a similar patch of skin on his cheek a while ago, and they cut it out. But he's noticed some's come back, and it itches in the sun. "This time," say the Doctors, "It's something different." And rather than cut it out as before, they've prescribed this Imiquod cream - which he has to use on his Mush each night, five days a week, for six weeks.

Monday night he starts the Battle of the Patch by breaking open the Miracle Cream and dabbing it on. He's not looking forward to this - but so far his mush is all in one piece.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Maypoles on Trafalgar Day?

What next?
Now they want to "move" May Day to October and call it Trafalgar Day.

Sauce. Cheek. Spite and Rubbish.

The Smooth Face Party seem to think that May Day is devoted exclusively to "Nasty Socialist Practices" like Marching About and yelling "What About the Workers?". One media item that I saw even included Anarchists Bashing up The City - as being part of traditional May Day activities.

But as everybody knows, May Day is really for Tra-La-Laa-ing about wiv ribbons and flowers and bells and unlikely papier-mache Beasties. That's what May Day is for. And so what if there is a bit of extra marching about for the workers. It don't matter to me.

So it is now being said that... for the sake of the Tourism Industry... and because we have Too Many Bank Holidays in May... we should to give up May Day and have a day off at the end of October instead. Which means - instead of dancin about wiv flowers in our hair in glorious Spring Sunshine.... we can all just stand in the rain and celebrate Thumping The French instead.


This lot really are barking. Haven't they got anything better to do than fiddle about with Daylight Hours and Double Double Decaf Summertime and our Bank Holidays? But then.... Tourism is the only Industry we have left, I suppose.

Some say we have a Financial Service Industry.
Mmmn.... No wonder they don't want May Day Marching then. After all, they haven't quite got to grips with the bankers' bonuses yet, have they.

Ah well. Rome wasn't built in a day. But The Smooth Faced Government are getting quite well practiced at fiddling while it burns.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Blimey. We's having a week without rain.
And I can't remember a time when it hasn't been raining.

So I've been out there in the garden. Muck on the veg beds. First cutting of the grass. De-nettling and bramble cutting....
I tell you it's only the start...

Now... everything hurts. Moan, groan, limp about.

And of course I haven't been writing in this, have I?