Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Secret In Their Eyes | UK trailer

UK TV screening tonight Saturday 30 Mar 2013 on BBC4 at 21.50

Great performances in a layered, subtle thriller set in flashback between 2000 and 1974 Argentina with an unresolved killing.
Watch it if you can.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Sourdough Hot Cross Buns

Not very glamorous  But they do taste good and are like buns rather than the  "caky" textured things what I have made in the past. Like all things sourdough they do need some planning and I started the pre-ferment mix last night then made up the dough this morning.... eventual baking by mid afternoon.

The Old Man have eaten three already.... not sure that's wise.

The recipe comes from "SourDom" on Sourdough Companion.... although I scrunched up the ferment/proving time considerably. It makes a very soft dough so again a bit of experience (or nerve) needed in handling it. I also used slightly smaller quantity of dried fruit 'cos I couldn't imagine getting it all in. The rest is as in recipe but smaller quantity of glaze.

They may not look that special but they be all mine.... whilst they stay out of The Old Man's clutches.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mrs D Ponders Crime: Ann Cleeves' "Dead Water"

Mrs D do enjoy "Dead Water".... the fifth Jimmy Perez novel by Ann Cleeves. An adaptation from the series was recently televised as "Shetland" starring Douglas Henshall. (Who I do remember giving a very fine performance in Denis Potter's "Lipstick On Your Collar" alongside Ewan Mc Gregor).

Ann Cleeves also writes books featuring Vera Stanhope aka "Vera".... another successful TV series this time with Brenda Blethyn in named role.

You can read a review of "Dead Water" over here at Euro Crime....
and watch the trailer for "Shetland" on the sister Euro Crime Blog here.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Animated Discussions: Kali The Little Vampire by Regina Pessoa

Following on from the previous flipbook post..... This is the trailer for Regina Pessoa's prize-winning short film for Ciclope Filmes - "Kali The Little Vampire".... a kid with a difference.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Reblogged from Animated Review: Kali, The Little Vampire Flipbook

Animated Review: Kali, The Little Vampire Flipbook: Animator Regina Pessoa has released a rather spectacular flipbook to accompany her most recent short film "Kali, The Little Vampire"......

For more detail click on Animated Review link above.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Norman Ackroyd: Printmaker

Just got until 26th March 2013 to catch up (for those who can) on BBC iPlayer the lovely program on artist-printmaker Norman Ackroyd which was shown a few days ago.
Great to see the work process of a master printmaker. Catch it while you can, if you can, here.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Herman Goes To Italy: Sourdough Grissini


My "Herman" starter continues to explore the world and its own capabilities... and to make bagels (Sunday morning breakfast routine), crispbreads and even some sweet buns.

Today he have turned into sourdough grissini... otherwise known as breadsticks. These are a bit tricky to make because the dough is hard to handle because it is very moist. But I am learning that if handling is difficult then the passage of time does a lot of the work for you! Also a dough scraper (courtesy of The Old Man) be very useful for doughs so wet they have to be practically scooped up off the work surface. And if dough is wet don't flour the work surface and your hands for "kneading" (Ho-Ho).... use a little oil instead.

Anyway the recipe comes from the lovely WildYeast blog. And you can find it here.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mrs D Ponders Crime & Espionage: Chris Morgan Jones "The Jackal's Share"

Mrs D reckons that Chris Morgan Jones is a writer to follow. She have just read and greatly enjoyed his second book featuring corporate spy Ben Webster. This time his investigation takes him to Italy, Dubai and North Africa and the water temperature gets decidedly hot as he finds himself more isolated in his distrust of his client.

You can read a Euro Crime Review here.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

From Dark To Light: The Return of the Tweezers

Twas just as well I do tell you about that lost tweezer thing.
Yesterday I do put a bowl down on the work surface next to the cooker and do spot some secret thing squeezed under a spice rack. (OK. Judge me why don't you. It's my lifestyle choice!)

I do fetch it out and there be.... an embarrassed pair of tweezers.
"What you doing under there?" say I. But answer was there none.

The Old Man do deny all knowledge.

Monday, 18 March 2013

The Old Man's Lost Moments: The Secret Life Of Tweezers

The Old Man be sowing his chilli seeds. And being a Virgo perfectionist (on occasion) he do like to sow each individual seed into the tray with the aid of tweezers.

"I wish I knew what have happened to my tweezers.... I do have three pairs in London... and now I can't find any...." He do look accusing as usual and I do feel a twinge of my perpetual guilt....

"I've got a pair you can borrow." I do say.
And do duly fetch and hand over my tweezers. Some time later I do see him trot past with his seed tray to put on the propagator. "Have you finished with my tweezers?" I do ask.

But... dear children... do we find those borrowed tweezers? No, dear children... we do not.

Somewhere... in a secret world of The Old Man's making... pairs of tweezers do indulge their private whims and hidden passions.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Madam Deficit Considers The Plight Of The Poor

Alors! This government is surely not so harsh as accused?

They know that times are hard for the poor and they are continuing to assure that the poor do not overstretch their allotted space with a spare bedroom. (see my November 2012 post).... Although I have to say that I do not remember them being quite so exercised on injustices meted out to those renting in the private sector before... Maintenant they do quote disparities quite often .... But un moment ... Surely Housing Benefit is paid to people renting in the private sector? Alors! What do I miss? Qu'est-ce que j'ai raté?

Any hoo... just as I myself did advise the poor, unable to afford bread,  to resolve their problem by eating cake....

So I am gratified that this government shares my view and has dropped the notion of minimum priced alcohol. It is good to know that the poor can accompany their cake with wine... perhaps a nice glass of "Buckie".

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mrs D Ponders Crime: Laurie R King's "Garment of Shadows"

Mrs D do continue her admiration of Laurie R King's writing... even though she is sometimes a bit nervous of historical crime. Find her views on this "Mary Russell" novel set in 1920s Morocco over at Euro Crime.

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Wind Doth Blow...

... and the white crocuses I did plant in autumn... be blowing all over the garden.

For those of you interested in nature notes... the other day we walk around Godolphin Hill and The Old Man do startle up a bird right by his foot. Think it be a golden plover.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Next Kneehigh Show In Cornwall: Tristan and Yseult

We do indeed see "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" at UCF's Performance Centre. It's a "sit-where-you-like" venue and we didn't pick a good seat from point of view of puppet watching. Think the seating went up in paired ranks... so I had problems with seeing past people's heads for some parts of the stage.... But of course I do enjoy it as did The Old Man. Some reservations for me... but not enough to spell out here. Anyway... tis a small venue and performances all sold out. Good for them.

Next on my Kneehigh list is "Tristan and Yseult". A must to see in June at Hall for Cornwall. In fact I do book the tickets already. Luverly.

PS. It do seem there be no Asylum season this year. Don't know why. Commitments? Or mud?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Walk To Hendra Beach

Yesterday the spring sun do shine and me and The Old Man do make a grand walk from our village - down the lanes onto Hendra Beach which is at the eastern end of Praa Sands.

Tide out. Nippy wind from the east. Finches singing in the blackthorn that covers the cliffs there.

It is a good walk. But we be well out of practice.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

Just to remind you that The Little Angel - Kneehigh Theatre joint production of  "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings"  runs at the Performance Centre of UCF at Tremough Campus, Penryn March 5th-9th 2013.... that is to say... this coming week.

And yes we be going.

And here's a tip... if you haven't visited The Performance Centre before... do a reccy if you can.... or leave plenty of time to pick up your tickets before the performance.

We did pick up our tickets a while ago rather than leaving the pick-up to the evening of the performance. And pleased about that we be. I don't think it is The Performance Centre's fault.... but the campus signage for them is really .... underwhelming and we did circle the place following pointless discrete signs until we gave up and got directions from the main campus reception desk... who were sympathetic. The thought of finding the place on a dark winter/spring evening would be challenging.

University College Falmouth at Tremough has not got their act together to acknowledge their latest addition (built to house the performing arts courses developed from the relocation of Dartington College of Arts to Tremough in 2010) - either on the main switchboard - or their on-line payment system response ... or the signage and promotion of the venue on the campus.

Come on Tremough... you takes the money/prestige for the institution... Cornwall badly needs more venues... Give the new Performance Centre the profile it deserves.

And we shall be going there this week... armed with a torch.